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My problem has always been one of activity.  I’m always doing just a bit too much.  I actually need to schedule time on my calendar to rest these days.  My kids on the other hand, while busy themselves, seem to also be able to find the time to be bored.  They are not even teens yet so I’m wondering what going to happen then.  Of course, my children aren’t the only ones who seem to get bored.  Boredom also seems to be the real culprit and reason for some of the people that happen to be residing at our friendly neighborhood prison these days.  But, that’s a totally different post, so I digress.  Anyway, although I find it hard to imagine it myself, if you happen to be getting bored, I look at that as a great opportunity to move forward.  Here are some things to do:

1. Make a list of all the things that you want to do but have never done.
This list should be grandiose and even ridiculous.  The wheels come off on this list.  You’re bored, right?  So, there should be no limits on this.  This list should have things that you wish people had invented but didn’t.  It should have places that you have wanted to go but haven’t.  It should include meeting people that you want to meet but haven’t.  This should be more than just your bucket list.  It should be your ‘impossible’ list.  GO on.  Open up your mind and have fun.

2. Pick one of the things from your list and make a plan on how your can accomplish it.
Forget being real. Forget being sensible.  If you wanted to accomplish this thing from your list, what would you need to be able to do?  Who would you need to know?  Where would you need to go?  How much money would you need?

3. Look at your plan and choose one thing that you can do today.
Out of all the things on this plan, there has GOT to be something that you can do today.  Connect with a person that you need to know on LinkedIn and begin to cultivate a relationship with them.  Find out what school or what company is giving a class in the skill that you need to get.  Get a brochure for the place that you need to go.  Price airline tickets.  Get in action on this thing.

4. Look back at your plan and choose the next thing to do.
OK, So, now that you have accomplished one thing on the plan, you just HAVE to do the next thing. I mean, the first thing wasn’t so bad, was it? What can you do next? Who can help you do what you need to do next? Call that person or get on the phone with someone who can help you get in touch with that person. Make it happen!

5. Figure out a reward system.
What are you going to do to reward yourself for accomplishing this thing that you thought was impossible before? Maybe the completion of the task is the reward itself, at least if you’re planning on going to Hawaii or something like that. But, maybe it is something else that has some interim steps that are a bit more challenging. Take a moment to reward yourself with some rest, your favorite show, a snack, or something neat to help you keep going.

Wait a minute….weren’t we supposed to talk about 5 different things to do when you are bored? Well, that was the original idea. But, once I got started, I got excited about this one thing and I just decided to keep going. Once you remove some of your limitations and take the wheels off a bit, I think you will find that you will keep going too. Do yourself a favor and just get started with this.

What are your thoughts?

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  • valerie says:

    love this post! great motivation and steps to get focused in to actually MAKE something happen!!

  • Robert Kennedy III says:

    Thanks Valerie. That’s it. Things happen in life but we can actually have a hand in MAKING things happen, so much more than we often realize or admit.

  • lisa says:

    Hahaha. Nice list! … and probably the others in the days to come. 🙂

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