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I know!  People throw that’ purpose’ word around like candy from a piñata.  People talk about making your life better and of course the ‘purpose’ word gets thrown into the discussion.  But many people are afraid of the word.  They are afraid because they feel like it means more pressure…more rigidity…more expectations.  They are afraid because people with purpose are not supposed to fail.  They are the high achievers, the over-achievers, the high-strung go-getters!

Those may or may not be true.  And, I won’t argue about the perspectives.  But, I want to share why purpose is important.

People who know their purpose live with less negative energy and stress.  If you are clear on what you are up to, you wake up in the morning with a greater sense of direction and some things just don’t matter.

People who know their purpose are sexier and more attractive.  Tell the truth.  There is just something sexy about someone who is focused, determined and understands why they are here and what they bring to the table.

People who know their purpose seem to find more opportunities.  Because they are focused, they are better able to weed out many of the distractions and many of the sideshows.  This results in being able to see things that might have ordinarily passed them by.  They also become more noticeable because they become authoritative in one area and are more often requested to be involved in that area.

People who know their purpose are healthier.  I was listening to a Zig Ziglar audiobook the other day and he talked about giving his empowerment speeches.  He said he looked down at his waistline one day and realized that it was in contrast to what he was saying in his speeches.  So, he made the change.  People with purpose are more focused on continuing to fulfill that purpose and so they take a greater and more consistent interest in physical and mental care.

People who know their purpose are wealthier.  Now, I know when I use the term wealth, you automatically think money.  And this is true in some cases.  But, I am simply talking about wealth in terms of abundance and fulfillment.  Wherever they are on the socio-economic scale, they purposed person is wealthier, more content, more driven yet more satisfied.  This is simply because the things that are important to them are less but greater in magnitude.

How do you find your purpose?  If you have not already done so, I would start with reviewing your priorities and even begin developing a personal mission statement as Stephen Covey mentions in 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  Look at your skills.  Look at what drives you.  Look at what makes you smile.  Look at what makes you jump into action no matter what is going on.

That’s a start!  But, you’ve got to be willing to start!

Why is knowing your purpose important to you?  Leave your thoughts in the comments.

P.S. – You might need a little help with this purpose question and using it to help you design the rest of your life and business.  I invite you to check out the Purpose, Power & Profit Club (3PC) coming soon.  SIGN UP HERE to receive more information.

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