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Success-rarely-happens2You read the quote and now you are mentally scanning your life to count all the times you met success without having to try very hard.  The people at Staples really pulled one over on us and have us always wanting that EASY button.  OK, I’ll admit it.  Some days, all I want to do is sit, take it easy, no muss, no fuss, no drama, no work.  I just want to kick it up and have a smooth day.  I really do want to hit that easy button.  And, in fact, sometimes I do.  But, when it comes to my goals, the things that I want to achieve in my life and in my business, I’ve got to go outside my comfort zone.

I don’t have a problem with talking to people.  Cold-calling??  Not so much!  I can have great conversation with people when I am focused on it.  Intentional networking?  WOW!  That can be so weird and awkward.  Have you ever felt like you were in a room walking around in circles, trying to look as if you were busy but you really had NO IDEA where you were going, what you were doing or why you were even there?  Yep, that was often me in networking situations.  But you know what? I was out of my comfort zone!  In order to achieve some new things, have new conversations, gain new leads, new prospects, form new relationships, I had to do something that stretched me a bit.

And that’s the thing with goals.  In order to REALLY achieve, you’ve got to place yourself in situations where you are forced to consider new options, be creative, WIN!!  Have you ever considered setting a goal that seems unreachable?  Have you ever written down a list of your greatest fears and then simply attacked them one by one?  That might be a scary thing to do on your own.  But, sometimes, the best way to reach goals and outflank fears is by doing it in a group.  Taking on a challenge with others is one of the best ways of meeting something head on.  Here are some reasons to take on a challenge with a group:

1.   You’ve got built-in cheerleaders
When you do difficult things on your own, inevitably there is a moment when you consider whether or not you should quit. Have your own rah rah rah team seems to inject enough new energy to help you keep moving.

2. You’ve got access to new resources
You don’t know EVERYTHING. That’s not a bad thing. It’s awesome to be able to hear a new way that I can accomplish or lick a challenge. Others have done it before me and finding a new way is a pretty neat way to do #3.

3. It accelerates your growth.
If you have ever worked out or been to the gym, working out on your own is cool. But, every gym rat will tell you that when you have competition or a partner to push you, you grow in leaps and bounds…much more quickly than if you were by yourself.

4. It creates new mental pathways
Honestly! Scientists will tell you that when you do things over and over again, it creates these “grooves” in your brain or nervous system. But, when you try new things or stretch yourself, you create these new pathways that also stimulate the release of other chemicals which cause excitement and creativity. It’s sort of like getting on a roller coaster for the first time. Remember that feeling? Exactly!!

Since we’re talking about CHALLENGES, I wanted to share with you that my partner and I are hosting a 28 day business challenge.  It’s going to be pretty neat.  You will be able to focus on specific areas of your business daily and be offered an activity designed to GROW that area of your business.  Are you ready to take this on??

 Go here to enter the challenge!

What is your GREATEST challenge currently and how are you going to meet it?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below!!


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