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I love entrepreneurship.  You’ve probably heard me say that before.  But, I really do.  I love it even more when someone begins to explore it and execute it at an early age.  That’s just one of the reasons that I loved interviewing Gabrielle Williams and her mom, Marcella Williams.  They are both entrepreneurs and successful ones.

Gabrielle has written a book, has her own weekly show, and has launched her site to share her ideas with the world.  She has recently been given several entrepreneur awards and has appeared on shows such as BET’s 106 and Park.  Yet, she is able to keep up with her education and all of the activities of a teen.

Not to be outdone, while running a household and being a “mom-ager”, Marcella Williams is also the Co-Founder of the Legacy Builders Group, a financial services company which she co-owns with her brother, Mark Mollon.

Take a look at what Gabrielle and Marcella have to say about growing a business, growing a brand and finding out how to monetize your purpose.


Interview Highlight Points

6:50 – Gabrielle talks about her business model and how she is building her brand
10:00 – Marcella shares how she juggles all of her roles effectively
14:00 – Reasons why people buy from you
14:45 – Gabrielle talks about her first sale
19:45 – Gabrielle talks about her reverse universe
25:45 – Gabrielle schools me on “finding your purpose”
29:00 – Marcella shares her life & business lessons
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