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You’ve heard all the stories and statistics about New Years Resolutions.  So, I won’t rehash them here.  But, some of us make them every year.  Over the last few years, I’ve heard of quite a few people who have sworn off resolutions simply because they found they didn’t work for them.  
In the honeymoon of the new year and the emotion of the ball dropping, we decide we are going to do better.  But, for most people, it ends up being the same thing or even worse than before.  So what do we do?  Most of us just settle in and put it to the back of our minds.  We forget about them, we wake up and then simply allow the day to take us away like a boat with no oars.  
Think about your day.  Are you just addressing things as they come up or do you have a focused plan for you day?  What about your month?  What about your quarter?  What about your year?  Those are big questions and truthfully, it’s hard for most of us to think past the current moment.  Why? Because this is life.  Things happen.  Things change and it can be frustrating to plan things only to have them switch because of elements beyond your control.  
Most people give up.  When I say give up, I don’t mean they quit life.  I mean they begin to rationalize and fall into the routine of every day.  They don’t think anymore.  They’re just trying to get through the day.  This is called surviving.  
In order to get out of survival mode, you need to be intentional.  The only way to step past the boring rut is the intentional decision to ACT and ACT with boldness.  Ask yourself, “Have I been settling for the easy stuff or can I take some more bold steps?”
I’ll be transparent here.  In replaying my year, I could have been more bold.  I could have acted a bit more.  I could have played bigger.  But, I can’t change it! I can’t go back in time.  What I CAN do is decide to have a phenomenal 2017 by stepping up my game in 3 areas.
Accountability – You need to be accountable to someone.  You are anyway.  You have a job or a family or a business or employees.  You’re accountable to someone.  So, why not look to be accountable in a way where you can launch higher.  Intentionally look for a mentor, a coach, a partner or at least one person who will hold you accountable in a serious way.  This accountability partner will not allow you to use garbage excuses with them or with yourself.  This partner will hold you to your word and call you out when necessary.    They are not always easy to find.  You may have that already in your spouse but it can also be hell on a relationship if your spouse is holding you accountable to your dreams as well as theirs.  If it works for you, that’s awesome.  But, I would intentionally be on the lookout for someone who is ahead of you or is at least as determined as you are to achieve.
You need this because once you decide to move forward, it’s going to get difficult and it will be easy to get frustrated or lose focus.  Steven Pressfield refers to this as The Resistance.  The moment you decide to go pro or play for higher stakes, The Resistance shows up to do its job…test you to see how bad you really want this.
Being accountable is going to be key in your success.
Community – Jim Rohn said it best.  You are the average of the 5 people closest to you.  Sure, you’ve got a family and you can’t get rid of them (stop trying).  But, when you are in a community of people who are all excited, enthusiastic, learning and constantly pressing forward, you will find it so much easier to accelerate and maintain momentum.  Napoleon Hill referred to this in the idea of mastermind groups.  
Take a look at your life.  Most of the people around you do similar things to you and have similar interests.  Sure, there are some differences.  But, you hang out with people you like, in places you are comfortable, doing activities you like.  That’s how it works.  But most of us don’t really use that concept to our advantage. We have ideas and dreams but we stay in a community where that idea isn’t bolstered or supported effectively.  So, eventually it dies or just lingers and suffers for years.
When you seek out and join a community or high achiever, goal setters, entrepreneurs, business leaders, or anything area where you desire success, your chances for success increase dramatically.  Your intentional community supports what you’re after.
In my life, most of my friends are married couples.  They’ve all been married more than 10 years.  They have good marriages.  My wife and I have only hung out regularly with one couple who has since divorced.  Coincidence?  No.  Community!
Tenacity/Toughness – You’re going to need to NOT give up.  Plain and simple.  This journey isn’t easy.  And you shouldn’t expect it to be.  Sure, you see all the great stuff happening to people on Facebook and Instagram.  A lot of people seem to be having a great time or having it better than you.  They’re probably not but SO WHAT if they were!!  This makes no difference in your life.
In order for you to have the success you want, you’re going to have to develop TENACITY!  Plain and simple.  You’re going to have to stick to it!  You will have to work for it!  Some days, you’re just going to need to take that gut shot and keep going.  That’s how it is.  
Take responsibility and move forward!
Create a plan and then ACT on it!  
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