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If you are anything like me, there are some days that you feel ANYTHING but powerful.  I’ve had mornings where I’ve awakened at 4AM and I was just mad to be awake.  You feel like you are just running on autopilot except no coordinates have been plugged into the GPS.  You wrote your to do list but you just didn’t get much of it accomplished.  It’s not like you failed to plan.  It’s just that none of it seemed to come together for you.  Am I the only one?  Can I see a show of hands?

Stuff happens.  But, what I am learning is that you can’t let life derail you from…..well, life.  Here are some of the things that I have put into my “powerful day” toolkit:

1. Write a bucket list – What are the most exciting things that you want to do?

2. Call an old friend – We all have someone that empowers us in some way.  Don’t text or Facebook.  Pick up the phone and call them.

3. Find a great quote to focus on – You can google and find sites like to give you that pep talk.  I also post some quotes on my Facebook Page daily.

4. Write down a list of your goals for the day – Plan your day out.  It can ease your mind a bit

5.  Random act of kindness – Do something unexpected for someone.

6.  Freewrite – If you have never heard of this, try it.  You just grab a sheet of paper or sit in front of the computer and write/type.  What? Anything that comes to your mind.  It doesn’t have to make sense.  No punctuation required.  As a matter of fact, editing is not preferred.  This helps clear your conscious.  Its interesting to see what comes out.

7. Read a biography of someone inspiring – Find someone who inspires you.  There are a LOT of people who can fit this bill.  They don’t have to be famous.

8. Do something brand new – Try something you have never tried before.  Eat something different on the menu.  Watch a new show.  Meet a new person.  Swing the golf club left handed.  Just try something different.  Off-the-wall is even more exciting here.

9. Look at something in nature – Enjoy the sunrise, enjoy the stars, go to your favorite lake and check out the ducks.  Enjoy something other than the computer screen or the same environment that you see every day.

10. Pray – This one works for me.  I’m not talking about the typical Lord’s prayer.  I’m talking about talking out loud, saying what’s on your heart and then asking for strength and power.  Give it a shot.


What are your daily POWER moves?  What powerful action can you add to this list?

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