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I wrote a post a few years ago on one of my business sites about the Justice League. Yes, the Justice League. I shared the fact that I still love to watch cartoons when I can make the time, but not just any cartoon, specifically superhero cartoons. Yep, Spidey, Batman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Justice League, you GOT me! Now, that I’m older, I can expand that appetite to superhero movies. The Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man, yes, I’m more than excited about Iron Man 3. Being older also allows me to look more closely at why I like superheroes. Superheroes aren’t perfect.  Some are arrogant, some are angry, some are brooding, some are  narcissistic, some are introverted and socially awkward.  But, they are still superheroes.  They symbolize success.  I love superheroes and superhero stories because:

1. They cause me to dream about the impossible.
Most of them have super powers and can do things that a ‘normal’ human being can’t do. But, still they all run up against something that is challenging even WITH their super powers. At the end of the day, they almost always find a way to get it done.

2. They always win.
Who doesn’t like to win? Well, it’s not so much that they just win. I’m impressed with the fact that they never feel like they have the option of losing! Isn’t that THE attitude?

3. There is a side to them that most people don’t know about.
For many, it’s an alter ego. For some, it’s a dark side. For still others, like Batman, it’s a story from their past that drives them to do what they do. I often ask myself what DRIVES me. What stokes the fire inside?

4. They almost always take responsibility.
They really believe that it is their job to save the planet. I mean, they have super powers fer cryin’ out loud. Who else is going to do it?

5. Little children look up to them.
My kids look up to me. I love them for it. But it says a lot when parents tell you that their kids look up to you as well. We need more people in our society who think that being a role model is important. Sorry, that was my sidebar.

6. They get to wear cool clothes.
OK, so I’m lying about this one. Most of the time they wear the worst clothes ever, well except for Iron Man! His costume is THE coolest.

7. They are clear on what their purpose is.
To save Gotham. To save the US. To save the world. Saving someone, something, someWHERE. It comes down to saving and protecting. There is absolutely no variation there. How neat would it be if each of us was crystal clear on our purpose.

8. They are usually not afraid to try different ways when there is a problem they can’t lick the easy way.
At some point, they meet a challenge that they can’t just whip up supper breath or strength to overcome. There are times when they have to use their brains a bit more than their brawn. At these times, they don’t just pack up their ball and go home. They figure a way out because of #4 and #7.

9. They EXPECT things to go wrong.
That’s their job, right? Things go wrong, they fix it. They don’t sigh and say, “Well geez buddy, here we go again” Things go wrong. It’s a part of life. An expected part of life. That’s just how it is. They expect it, they deal and figure out a way to move past it. Hmmmm, now how can we translate that to our lives? I wonder.

10. They are all unique and they embrace it.
We are already successful if we understand that we are not required to be like anyone else. We are not required to take anyone else’s path. We are not required to wear the same size, be the same color, go to the same school, do anything in the way that anyone else does it. It is this variety that drives us. Give yourself permission to be YOU! Give yourself permission to be a SUCCESSFUL YOU, the best YOU that YOU can be!

What is your superpower? Use it today to CREATE SOMETHING NEW!

Who’s your favorite superhero? Leave your answer in the comments.

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