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I missed my normal Monday post because I was attending to a family funeral.  During those times, you wonder about a lot.  Some wonder about when their time will come.  Some wonder about why it had to happen.  Some wonder about their readiness.  It is definitely a time of introspection.  Some family members and I began to have a discussion about religion and faith.  What my view boiled down to was that there was nothing that was really absolute outside of what you choose to believe or have faith in.  Is that faith rock solid?  Maybe not always but it is the foundation of how we live.  If you explore and ask questions, does that mean you don’t have faith?


See Lesley Hazelton’s speech on this below:

Click here if the video is not playing for you:


What do you believe?  Is that something you are clear on?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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