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*Today is Day 3 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  I wanted to share an interview with my friend John Murphy recorded a few weeks ago.*

It’s easy to be comfortable.  It’s easy to do the same thing over and over.  But, life is about moving forward whether you want to or not.  Time doesn’t stop!  And yet, some people feel like they are standing still, moving backwards or moving in circles!  Well, that has to do with getting better.  Time moves forward and , according to John Murphy, “it’s our responsibility” to find out what our purpose is.

John is an executive coach that specializes in helping executives to form a clear vision of their life and business.  We had an awesome conversation about moving from corporate work to entrepreneur, redefining yourself and having the courage to find clarity in your gifts.

Take some time to listen to our 30 minute conversation:



If unable to see the video, click this link:


Contact John using the below information:



If you were you look at your own life, where can you grow?  Where are you TOO comfortable?  Leave your response in the comments below.

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