What Success Looks Like, Ep. 016 – Attorneys Corine Claxton & Sarah de Oliveira

By Robert Kennedy III

I wasn’t going to release this episode due to some of the technical difficulties, echoes, etc.  However, I decided that the value of the conversation outweighed my personal thoughts.  Part of the value here is seeing two young ladies who are not only successful, but have decided to go a non-traditional route.  They could have decided to go to college, then go to law school and then work in a firm.  The reality is that it’s challenging enough to get into a firm as a female attorney.  But, deciding to step out into your own practice early on is a totally different challenge, yet one that these two young lawyers have decided to take on.  I wanted to get into their mindset, the things they thought about and WHY they decided that this was a risk worth taking.

Not only have they taken the risk of creating their own practices, they are looking to share information and provide help to a greater audience through their show, Mass Law Radio.

Take a few minutes to listen to these young ladies as they share their journey.


What risks are you willing to take in order to achieve your dream? Leave the answer in the comments below.

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