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There are two reasons why signature stories are some of the most powerful tools you can have in business. The other day I was on a podcast, and the host and I were talking about storytelling. We first started talking about communication, and then the host asked me to tell a story that illustrated the power of storytelling. 

So, I shared a story about when I was eight years old and learned how to ride a bicycle for the first time and went down a Hill. I shared the intense drama of going down this hill, coming up to an intersection, and as I was telling the story, I could see the face of this podcast host begin to shift. We’re doing this on video, and I could see the smile start to come across his face. I could see his eyebrows start to go up. When I began to tell parts of the story where the drama was starting to build, and the tension was beginning to develop, and I saw all these changes taking place in him as I was telling this story. 

Now that’s one of the great things about storytelling. Storytelling allows you to relate to people; it will enable you to create emotional shifts in the energy and what is happening in the space of this particular moment. More so than just chucking information at them or giving them data or relaying facts. Storytelling helps to pull people into whatever you are sharing with them. So I wanted to share two reasons why storytelling, especially signature stories, is critical, especially for business. 


A signature story reminds people of possibilities when you share a challenge or something that was broken or something you’ve overcome. When people hear this and know we’re going towards a win, they know we’re going towards a hero story. If they’re already emotionally invested in the story, they will begin to see the hope. They will start to see the possibility. They’ll start to see the inspiration because you, yourself, as a storyteller, are passionate about it, and it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve told it. It begins to show and point them towards possibility because of the way you’re sharing the story.


Signature stories identify a core value for your audience. What are your core values? What are the things that you believe in? What is your personality like? What, what are the things that you’re willing to die for? As I’m telling this story about me riding my bicycle down this hill, heading towards this intersection, and looking around for a space to have a safe landing, the core value that I’m sharing with my audience at this point is one of adventure. I’m sharing a core value of being willing to take risks, not listening to some of the ideas others have that may be stuck in a specific place. I’m sharing a core value of being willing and able to adjust on the fly. And so the story allows audiences to see the characteristics and the value in me. As you think about how you can connect with people, how you can emotionally relate to your audience, consider finding and digging and discovering your own signature story. It’s going to make a real difference in your business and how your audiences and customers relate to you. 

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