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For many people, success is SEXY!!  Success is glamorous.  Success is fun!  Success gets all the accolades and all of the glory!!  And yes, it IS all of those things.  But, the TRUTH is that success is also NONE of those things.  Success is a grind.  Success hurts.  Success doesn’t get credit and no one sees the hard work behind the scenes.  Success is EVERYTHING and it’s also NOTHING!!

Success often calls for doing the things you don’t want to do and doing the things you are uncomfortable doing.

Success means that you may not sleep as long as everyone else.

Success means that you get up earlier than the others.

Success means that you invest time and money in yourself when no one else believes that it is worth it.

Success means that you have to believe your opinion when everyone else believes its an option.

Success means that sometimes while everyone else considers something foolish, you consider it feedback.

Success means failure.

Success means that you must take responsibility even when failure is not your fault.

Success means giving without expecting to get back.

Success means finding a way when others are finding an excuse.

Success means doing that last pushup when your arms are about to give out and then doing one more.

Success means not accepting the words “impossible” and “can’t”.

Success means being willing when others are worried.

Success means staying the course while others are staying on the couch.

Success means accepting that there is another possible answer.

Success is the tip of the iceberg that everyone sees above the water.  But there is so much more below the surface.  True, lasting success never comes about as a result of a quick fix or lucky break.  It’s hard work.  It’s discipline.  It’s dedication.  It’s stubborn consistency.

But here’s the truth about success…’s POSSIBLE!!

What does success mean for you? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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