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In Case You Missed It

Last week we had the amazing Kevin Kruse – an entrepreneur, bestselling author, speaker, and leadership guru who shared with us how great leaders have no rules. Listen to the episode here.

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This Week’s Episode

This week, we have a digital marketing expert, a New York Times bestselling author, named as a Top 10 Marketer by Forbes, and an all-around idea guy. Neil Patel shares why marketing is important for us storytellers; let’s listen to his story.

What’s In Store For You

  • [04:58] Neil shares the interesting story on why his company name is “I’m Kind of A Big Deal LLC”.
  • [06:51] What is it that Neil does that allows him to achieve what he has achieved?
  • [07:52] He gives a tip to those who might be doubting their capability to succeed.
  • [09:01] He discloses the most important thing that people need to do in the marketing world.
  • [10:48] Neil talks about the tools that help him know how to market himself better.
  • [14:18] He gives input on what one needs to do when money isn’t coming in and their market hasn’t developed yet.
  • [14:58] Listen to the fascinating story about how Neil started on his path.
  • [16:09] Does Neil believe that if you’re not making money in your business, you should learn marketing?
  • [17:18] Which is better on branding your website: using your name, your company, or the title of your business?

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