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New Season Begins!

It’s a brand new season for The RK3 Show! We have a new theme song, a fresh new look on the podcast image, and an amazing list of new stories to tell.

How do you like our new opening intro? Would you like to try it? If you want to, send me a voicemail! I’ll make sure to play your message on an upcoming episode.

What’s In Store For You

What do you do when it feels like you’re constantly experiencing a storm in your life? You turn it into a story!

Our first guest for this season, aptly dubbed “The Trailblazer“, coaches purpose-driven individuals to success by teaching them how to profit from their passion, write a book to bankroll their business, and much more. She’s a bestselling author, having written more than 10 books, and she loves to help people turn their storms into their stories.

Carla R. Cannon has a story, let’s hear it!

  • [04:40] Carla shares how “authenticity” makes her unafraid to share her vulnerable self and her journey to the world.
  • [06:20] She provides an important tip before employees decide to shift to entrepreneurship.
  • [07:09] What is one thing that people fail to see when they hear of speakers and their five-figure brand?
  • [09:11] How can people know that the pain they are going through is something that can be a story for a viable business?
  • [11:04] Carla combined spirituality with the practicality and turned it into something explosive.
  • [12:34] How does Carla find time to write and release one book (bestsellers at that) each year? How did she know what content to write in her book?
  • [14:58] If I have a story to share but no one to share it with, how can I find myself an audience?
  • [19:52] We hear tips from Carla on how to be authentic with our story to attract and retain the right audience.
  • [22:56] Why is writing an important part of the journey for entrepreneurs?
  • [25:19] Carla shares tips that we can do to write and get a book out in seven days.

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