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In Case You Missed It

On to Season 2 we go! In Episode 98 we started our journey through Part 1 of Season 2 Value Bombs that were shared by a few of my amazing guests in The RK3 Show. Listen to the episode and hear Merril Hoge, David Villa, Anton Gunn, and Alicia Dunams.

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Send your 20-second voice message through Leave me a message and I’ll air it on or before our final episode.

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What’s In Store For You

We are one episode away from the penultimate episode of this show – Episode 100! I remember recording these episodes. I remember the moments spent with these people and I remember just the energy in the joy that we had as we went through these episodes together.

In this episode, we have 4 more valuable tips from our Season 2 guests. Let’s listen to Part 2 of The RK3 Show Season 2 Value Bombs!

  • [03:23] S2 Ep68: Let’s get the 401 from 2019 Toastmasters World Champion Aaron Beverly on what distinguishes a storyteller from a speaker?
  • [05:16] S2 Ep67: Former WNBA player Lisa Willis shares how her accomplishments were treated based on her gender.
  • [08:28] S2 Ep83 : Kelly Swanson a comedic motivational speaker provides her insight on what is it like to be seen as somebody who is funny and are your required to be funny all the time?
  • [10:36] S2 Ep82 : Andy Henriquez, the founder of the Master Storyteller Academy gives us his thoughts on whether or not we can LEARN how to be a good storyteller.

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