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Epi 43 Reinventing Life and Telling your Story

In Case You Missed It

My guest last week is an internationally-recognized leadership expert, executive coach, keynote speaker, podcast co-host, and bestselling author. Robb has a heart for authentic relationships and a talent for equipping professionals with the skills and knowledge needed for true success. Check out Robb Holman’s episode on this page.

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This Week’s Episode

What do you do when you feel stuck, going nowhere, on the verge of extinction? That’s easy: Reinvent Your Life!

Our guest this week reinvented his life and garnered such amazing results. He was called “The Number 1 Sales Executive In The World” and had a 14-year career as an award-winning sales executive before he decided to make a shift and transform his life for the better.

Kinja Dixon has a story, let’s tell it!

What’s In Store For You

  • [05:10] Kinja speaks with groups covering multiple generations; he shares the preferred generation to work with.
  • [06:46] What does Kinja appreciate the most about the human connection?
  • [08:32] He shares how his “moment of truth” came about; the moment he recognized that he needed to make a shift.
  • [12:04] How can one reinvent oneself without the resources that were available to Kinja?
  • [13:59] What are the 4 Pillars of Re-creationism?
  • [16:16] Kinja shares about a few important pointers from his book, “Universal Talk Laws“.
  • [20:12] What are a couple of key things Kinja would recommend a new speaker or leader do to upgrade their influence potential?
  • [22:55] Good health and hunger for wisdom – how do these two items work to develop a great leader?
  • [24:27] Kinja shares what valuable information you can gain from his new book, “Re-creationism: The Art of Shaping Reality“.

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  5. The SELF Journal – Planner 2019-2020 – Monthly, Weekly, Daily Planner – Increase Productivity and Happiness by BestSelf Co.
  6. Your 2020 Roadmap workshop by Robert Kennedy III;
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