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In Case You Missed It

Last week, we had a motivational speaker, communication expert, and author, Sarita Maybin, as our guest in The RK3 Show. She shared with us her book, “If You Can’t Say Something Nice, What Do You Say?” and information on what she was doing to grow her business as a speaker. Check our Sarita’s episode here!

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This Week’s Episode

In this week’s episode, I share with you tips and tricks on how you can be more productive by not trying to do everything yourself. All through the Power of Outsourcing!

What’s In Store For You

  • At 04:45 and 06:40, I share with you what Superman/Engineer syndrome is and how it drags down your productivity.
  • I share my OWN experience on working hard and how I eventually learned to work smart through OUTSOURCING by 09:12.
  • Remember this golden nugget of wisdom at 13:53 – There is no way to reach success on your own. Anyone who says otherwise is not being true to themselves.
  • Finally, at 14:17, I share “5 Ways To Outsource Your Way to Success” – including my challenge and call to action for each of you.

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  1. Speak Write Now Community
  2. “Principles” by Ray Dalio
  3. Communicating for a Change” by Andy Stanley
  4. The 4-Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferris
  5. Outsourcing sites
  6. Tools for Automation
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