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In Episode 71, my guest helps people to master their stories through masterminds. Wanda Booth is a business strategist who served for 25 years in the US Army. After moving back to civilian life, she realized her true calling in life. Today, she is the founder of Insight Masterminds, a professional coaching and training company focused on delivering first class mastermind events with excellent results. Listen to Episode 71 and become a mastermind!

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What’s In Store For You

What is that thing you do so well that it is as natural as breathing? Our guest today has discovered that “thing” and has thrived after going through a major challenge in her life.

Karen Donaldson is a Celebrity Communication, Body Language and Certified Confidence Coach, Sr.Executive Public Speaking Coach and International Speaker. Many of her clients call her the communication and confidence disruptor. She is an award winning, 3x Best Selling Author of books like “Speak Like You Breathe: 30 Lessons to Become a Naturally Confident Speaker“.

Let’s listen to her story and learn some tips and tricks to be a master storyteller and speak like we breathe!

  • [05:03] Karen shares how a teenage pregnancy led to the pivotal moment of her journey to storytelling public speaking.
  • [07:21] How does her story of overcoming self-image issues and adversity connect Karen with her audience even more?
  • [08:53] What makes public speaking so difficult for people?
  • [10:36] How can people apply the methods that Karen teach in communicating in a corporate setting?
  • [12:40] Karen shares a story which portrays that even leaders or executives can have difficulties with speaking and confidence.
  • [14:52] Why would an executive of a $50 million company call Karen Donaldson in to say, “Can you coach me on this?”
  • [17:42] What are a couple of tips that speakers can use to come across naturally and connect with their audience?
  • [20:10] What are a few more steps that one can take to become an even better speaker and storyteller (that your audience clamors for you)?
  • [21:38] Karen gives us one simple body language tip that allows you to win in relationships.
  • [23:11] Do body language of political candidates affect how voters perceive them?

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