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Lois Creamer - Book More Business

In Case You Missed It

Jeff Tatarchuk, a serial entrepreneur who has continuously built up successful businesses, was our guest in the previous episode. Find out how he became fruitful in his journey and why he hosts a conference for faith-based entrepreneurs here.

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This Week’s Episode

My guest this week is a big influence on my journey towards becoming a speaker. Her intriguing positioning statement, “I work with professional speakers who want to book more business, make more money and avoid costly mistakes!”, makes you want to ask “HOW” immediately!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Lois Creamer!

What’s In Store For You

  • [05:05] What led Lois to her speaking journey?
  • [05:51] How Shep Hyken became instrumental to her epiphany.
  • [07:05] How her business “Book More Business” was born.
  • [07:45] “Book more business and make more money” – why positioning statements are critical.
  • [08:24] How should speakers answer when asked what do they do to be unique and output-oriented?
  • [09:01] Example of a concept-outcome statement as a speaker
  • [09:23] What should a speaker say (and what not to share) to be impactful in under 7 seconds?
  • [11:38] How are speakers “romanticizing” the speaking journey?
  • [12:05] The harsh reality for those who want to become “motivational speakers”
  • [13:31] Where should a new speaker begin and be able to meet what the market is asking for?
  • [15:17] Free speech in return for a testimonial? Is that a good trade?
  • [16:54] What’s one thing that Lois wishes speakers did more of?

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