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John DeMato is an expert in persuasive visual storytelling. He’s a branded, lifestyle, portrait, and virtual photographer based in New York City. As a former television producer, he has over 20 years of production experience and has been featured as a lifestyle photography expert on several NBCUniversal daytime talk and reality shows like Maury.

What is persuasive visual storytelling and how can it elevate your story? Listen and learn from John in Episode 75 of The RK3 Show.

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What’s In Store For You

What’s the best way to connect with almost any audience? If you haven’t been listening to the show, it is through STORIES. If you can choose the right story, you are more likely to get the result you are looking for.

Can you use stories in a corporate setting though? The short answer is YES. If you want to be a leader, a truly influential leader, it is best to tell your message through stories. But not just any story, it has to be the RIGHT STORY.

How then do you tell the right story? Listen to the episode as I share with you 5 Storytelling Techniques that will make you a pro – a PRESENTATION ROCK STAR!

[04:07] How can stories help “humanize” a leader?
[05:10] Storytelling Technique #1: The Hero’s Journey Technique
[06:51] Storytelling Technique #2: The Mountain Technique
[08:05] Storytelling Technique #3: Nested Loops Technique
[11:09] Storytelling Technique #4: In Medias Res Technique
[13:00] Storytelling Technique #5: Sparkline Technique

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