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In last week’s episode, I asked all of you “What is your WHY?” Why do you do what you do? What drives you to your goals? And how can being a GIVER add more meaning to your business? Find out my own answers to these questions and more by checking out the previous episode.

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This Week’s Episode

Being an effective leader is hard work. Do you know what’s harder? Being an effective FEMALE leader of an organization that teaches leadership.

Our guest this week is one source of inspiration for anyone aspiring to be an effective and influential leader! She’s the CEO of Linkage – a leadership organization where she oversees the strategic direction and the global operations of the company. She’s got 20 years of experience building leading businesses in the leadership space with a focus on leadership development, assessment, and analytics.

Jennifer McCollum has a story, let’s hear it!

What’s In Store For You

  • [03:57] Jennifer is the first female CEO of Linkage; she shares what is the greatest challenge that comes with that?
  • [05:00] She gives us one example of the seven hurdles that impede women’s progress to advancement.
  • [06:45] How does Jennifer, as a leader, equip other women in her organization and help them so they don’t have the same barriers that she did?
  • [08:35] Is being a good leader gender-specific or gender agnostic?
  • [09:30] How should we communicate to become effective leaders?
  • [11:08] Is there a way to be an influential, not just effective, leader?
  • [12:21] Jennifer shares a little bit of her work on how to be more inclusive in leadership.
  • [14:11] Are there any leaders that truly inspire Jennifer in her leadership journey?
  • [15:24] A well-read leader is a good leader; what are some resources that Jennifer recommends to equip others in their own leadership journey?

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  1. Linkage, Inc. – where you can find more info about Jennifer’s company and their services;
  2. Jennifer McCollum’s LinkedIn page;
  3. Mastering Your Inner Critic and 7 Other High Hurdles to Advancement: How the Best Women Leaders Practice Self-Awareness to Change What Really Matters by Susan Mackenty Brady;
  4. Path to Purposeful Leadership (Linkage, Inc.);
  5. The Women In Leadership Institute;
  6. Speak Write Now Community;
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  8. Voice message – hear your voice on-air!
  9. 28 Ways To Grab Speaking Gigs (FREE RESOURCE) by Robert Kennedy III;
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