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Podcast – Leading With Confidence – Guest: Kim Somers-Eglesee

I remember going to school and there were these people that just seemed like they had it all together.  They just flowed naturally in specific settings and it didn’t seem that they had any doubts whatsoever about anything they did.  These people seem to have the highest sense of self-esteem.  Maybe they know something that the rest of us don’t.  They have things handed to them.  They lead without even being asked.


Maybe the perception of life being easy isn’t totally true.  But there is truth in the concept that CONFIDENCE plays a role in the opportunities that we get and how we are able to live life.  It’s not a trait that people are just automatically born with.  It can be learned.  And when you learn it, when leaders learn it, it shifts the game.
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Listen to the show:

Here’s What You’ll Find Out In This Episode:
  • How to build a confident team
  • The best way to develop confidence
  • The difference true confidence makes for a leader


Links/Resources Mentioned:

Listly –
Kim’s Website –
Confidence Course –
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