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Podcast – How To Power Up When You’re Not Plugged In: Victor Antonio

In this 10th Episode of the 3P Success Sessions podcast, my guest Victor Antonio and I discuss POWERING UP when you’re not plugged in.  Leaders are always ON, it seems.  And we feel like we always have to be ON.  But, that energy gets sapped and we need to POWER UP sometimes.  How do we unplug?  How do we rejuvenate so that we can look forward and create results that we need?


Sometimes you are scattered.  That causes you to get drained.  Victor shares his story of being a commodity and getting drained doing that.  In order to power up, you can exercise and use physical power up techniques.  But, is there something that you can do to avoid the draining feeling anyway?  If you are a speaker, Victor shares what he did to focus his life, focus his talk and focus his story.


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On this show, you’ll find out:

  • The most important skill you need to sustain your business
  • The industry that EVERY business leader needs to understand
  • How to mentally power up when things aren’t going so well
  • The special technique used to begin making 6 figures as a speaker
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