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They say if you really want to make money, then you’ve got to be in business for yourself.  I’m not exactly sure who THEY is just yet but THEY seem to say a lot of stuff.  THEY also tell you that you should have multiple streams of income in order to really survive.  THEY might be right but THEY don’t always tell you how to do it.

Life is fairly busy already so, the idea of putting a lot of streams together can be confusing and busy.  But there IS a way to handle it all.

We are told that we need to be INDEPENDENT and that means doing it yourself.   Guess who told you that?  THEY did!  This time THEY were not really correct.  The easiest way to handle it all is not to do it all yourself.  This takes a different mindset than most people have.  However, if you listen to the principles that my guest, Pat Hiban, shares, you will begin to understand more clearly how you can build more and work less.

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Here’s What You’ll Find Out In This Episode:
  • How to create more income while doing less
  • How to handle multiple businesses
  • How to create great teams that will help you accomplish more


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