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Networking is important but many people hate doing it because it feels “salesy”.  It feels sleazy and is nerve wracking for many people.  That’s because most people are doing it incorrectly.

We network because relationships are important but we make it technical.  We make schmoozing mandatory and becomes mechanical.  But, there are authentic, real ways to work a room and make connections.








What skills do you need to enhance in order to make this real, effective and authentic connection happen?


My Guest

Susan RoAne leads a double life as a global professional keynote speaker and international best-selling author.Susan provides customized keynote presentations, business networking workshops, How To Work a Room coaching and continues to serve clients from Fortune 20-500 companies, associations and universities. Her presentations include various aspects of business networking, communication, building a base of business referrals through social media and savvy socializing…face to face in this digital world.

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Here’s What You’ll Find Out In This Episode:
  • How to mingle for results
  • How to work a room effectively
  • Why stories are better than facts
  • How to know WHO you should meet


Links/Resources Mentioned:

Susan RoAne’s Website

Susan on Social Media
Twitter   |   LinkedIn 


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