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Podcast – Guest: Kimanzi Constable – How Leaders Can Connect

By April 12, 2015April 15th, 2015Leadership, Lifestyle, Podcast
People love to feel important.  They love to know that you are interested and concerned.  They want to know that you care.  They want to know that you are INTO them.  That is the ultimate sign of respect, validation and relationship.  Yet, many people don’t begin relationships this way.  They immediately bombard you with a pitch.  No, I’m not only referring to business people or sales people.  I’m talking about every day relationships.
Someone gets introduced to you and immediately they want your help with something.  They want to send you something.  They want you to listen to them and they SPAM you.  No, they may not do it through email.  But they do it in person without ever considering what you might want.
That is NOT connecting!

My guest, Kimanzi Constable, talks about the art of connecting especially via social media.  Because social media is so pervasive, that is where a lot of relationships are formed.  So, the way to connect might have different tools.  But, the principles are still the same.
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Listen to the show:

Here’s What You’ll Find Out In This Episode:
  • How to connect on social media
  • How to write for a major publication
  • How to REALLY connect with influencers
  • How to create rapport

Links/Resources Mentioned:

Kimanzi’s Website –
Kimanzi’s book site –
Our Sponsor –
Al Ambrose’s company: Tech & Company –
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