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Podcast – Guest: Alli Polin – Becoming An Exceptional Leader

**The name of the show is changing! Beginning with Episode 21, this will be called the Leading With Purpose Podcast.  If you have subscribed on iTunes or Stitcher, you will already see this reflected!**

Leadership is hard.  That is probably why so many people don’t want to become leaders.  I have been in two situations where the manager of the program/department left and people with more seniority than me decided that they didn’t want to take on the role of leadership.  It was just “too much pressure”, they said.  They didn’t want to have to deal with “politics” and they didn’t want to have to interact with the company executives.

They were right.  Leadership IS hard.  There IS a lot of pressure.  There IS politics.  And yet, some survive.  They even thrive.  These are the exceptional leaders.  Is this a special breed or can anyone do this?

My guest, Alli Polin, helps leaders from down under.  She is listed as an Inc. Magazine Top 100 Leadership Speaker and has spent a lot of time helping leaders to Break The Frame.
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Here’s What You’ll Find Out In This Episode:
  • What women need to do to be exceptional leaders
  • How to stop playing the political game of leadership
  • How to effectively CONNECT as a leader
  • How to get top level executives to listen to you

Links/Resources Mentioned:

Alli Polin’s Website
Alli’s Books
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