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What if I told you that you can choose to be brilliant? You may have assumed (much like myself at a point in time), that those who were “brilliant” were the individuals who excelled in academics and got good grades on tests. Well, according to today’s interviewee, renowned corporate speaker Mr. Simon T. Bailey, everyone is brilliant but not everyone makes the decision to tap into it.

What is brilliance? Brilliance goes beyond the scope of being “book smart”. As our guest defines it, brilliance is an individual’s “it factor”. Their ability to provide insight and bring purpose to their life and the lives of those they interact with. So you see, everyone encompasses brilliance. No matter how many times you may have been told you “can’t” or you “shouldn’t”, you have the innate ability to be brilliant in everything that you do.

In this podcast, Simon tells me how he made the decision to be in the field of communication, what he believes it takes to really connect with people, and of course to learn more about the “brilliance movement”. You’ll get great tips on how to engage your audience, speak to their hearts, and more importantly how to unleash and utilize your brilliance one step at a time.

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  • How to tap into your brilliance or “it factor”
  • How to reach the hearts of your target audience to build deeper connections
  • How to make intentional steps towards your passion by exercising your brilliance




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