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Relationships. What comes to mind when you think about relationships? Naturally, we may think about relationships with our significant others, family, children, and friends. Others may even think about relationships in the office such as with a boss, client, or coworker. As you think about these relationships, I have one question for you…

“Are your relationships intentional, or do they “just happen”?

How do you build or grow your relationships? Is it one of those things that simply develop because you just happen to be in the same place at the same time – such as with a coworker? Or do you intentionally put forth an effort to cultivate meaningful relationships? I believe that outside of the scope of our loved ones, we’ve shifted the meaning of relationships. Those who look to connect over social media for instance, unknowingly turn connections into numbers – yet they only engage with about 1/10th of those that follow them.


Remembering relationships from my childhood growing up in the Bronx, my siblings and I intentionally set out to engage with children in the neighborhood. I want to teach you a strategy that will help you to intentionally build relationships and learn to be a resource in the lives of those you encounter. It’s called SMIRF. Yep… similar to the little blue people in the cartoon from the 80’s – but not exactly.


I’ll talk with you about methods that will help you to intentionally interact and be of service to those around you.  We’ll also chat about removing the “selfishness” that can sometimes come with relationship building and show you how to care about the needs of others.



  • How to be a valuable resource
  • How to utilize the SMIRF relationship strategy
  • How to build genuine connections
  • How to be Intentional in building relationships



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