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[Podcast] Episode 41 – Guest: Teresa de Grosbois – Building Influence Without Guilt

By February 25, 2016Podcast

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“I want to be a person of influence and authority.” As a leader, this is something you should be striving for on the daily basis, however, wanting to be an influence and actually becoming an influential leader comes with challenges along the way.

What I’ve found for many people is that they want to be leaders, they want to have an influence on others, but the most challenging obstacles they face is learning how to overcome their own fears and insecurities while also combatting the negative responses they receive from the community for wanting to better themselves.

So how do you get past these obstacles? How do you learn to become an influential leader without feeling guilty? This week’s podcast discusses some of these very important points.

My guest this week, Teresa de Grosbois, author of Mass Influence, Habits of the Highly Influential helps us in defining some pretty awesome points that can help us to overcome the inner and outer battles we face in wanting to evolve.


How to combat that inner “self-limiting” voice.

How to turn your ideas and/or talents into a vision or business opportunity

How to become “authentically” you

Important tips on how to become more influential in your personal and professional lives


30 Day Influence Challenge

Tips to getting over inner fears

Crabs in a barrel mentality

Conquering Common Fears of Leadership

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