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[Podcast] Episode 40 – Lynn Wicker: Learning Early & Building Relationships

By February 25, 2016Podcast

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What does being a leader mean to you? Believe it or not there is this wide misconception about what leadership really is and what it means to lead with purpose. Many will say a leader is someone who is in charge, the boss, someone with a lot of wealth… but leadership goes beyond these factors.

This is not to say that the above factors can’t contribute to what it takes to be a leader with purpose, however, becoming the leader you were destined to be starts well before the six figure paychecks, fortune 500 company, and corner office with a city view. It starts with who you are as a person and the influence you have on others.

To take it “back to the basics” I thought it would be a great idea to talk with educator and now author, Dr. Lynn Wicker, author of Raising Kids to Succeed. Dr. Lynn and I discuss the connection between leadership, influence, and building relationships. Though her book speaks solely on instilling leadership skills within children, it was interesting to see how much of her lessons applied to adults.

Essentially, to become an effective leader you must not only strive to be influential, but you must also learn to cultivate meaningful relationships with people. Through developing these relationships, it is then that you’re able to add value – to be of service.


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The importance of relationship building

How to be aware of your limited beliefs (so that you can conquer them)

Tips to living an intentionally joyful life


Instilling Leadership Skills in Children

Tips to Having Meaningful Relationships

How to SMERF Your Way to Better Business Relationships

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