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Podcast – Breaking The Rules – Tom Ziglar

By March 9, 2015March 11th, 2015Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Learning, Mindset

Many of us grow up with expectations.  I’m not referring to what WE expect.  I’m talking about the expectations that are placed on us.  We are given names when we are born and we are EXPECTED to respond when that name is called.  We are sent to school and EXPECTED to pay attention and get graded.  In the US, we are EXPECTED to get our driver’s license at a certain age.  We are EXPECTED to get a job so that we can pay our bills.  There are a lot of EXPECTATIONS.

We live with these assumed expectations and often grow up thinking that life MUST be a certain way.  But then, there are the people that just do it a bit differently, the innovators, the creators, the dreamers, the idea people.
Tom Ziglar, son of Zig Ziglar, grew up with a dad that was an innovator, a dreamer, an inspiration and a creator.  So, many would think that the EXPECTATION would be for Tom to be like Zig.  And while it may have been tempting to try to do that for a while, in order to carve his own path, he had to create his own expectations.
In this episode, Tom shares what it is like to be the son of a legendary leader and yet carve your own legacy.
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Listen to the show:

Here’s What You’ll Find Out In This Episode:
  • How to be influential without following expectations
  • How to create a legacy
  • How to figure out which “rules” to break
  • How leaders can create a phenomenal customer experience

Links/Resources Mentioned:

Ziglar Website –

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