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James Altucher, one of my favorite bloggers posted about life hacks and how to get people to like you about a month ago.  His writing style is always fairly tongue-in-cheek and I love to see what he has to say.  He wrote about getting a bunch of $2 bills from the bank and then using those every time you had to give a tip.  His idea was that none uses $2 bills and so you would definitely be remembered for giving something so unique.  Although tongue-in-cheek, the seriousness behind it deals with serving other people in a really unique way.

Serve other people so that they will remember you and want to help you out.  It’s a really unique cycle.  You serve other people and then when you die they say pretty neat things about you.  Well, that’s not exactly the only reason.  As a matter of fact, that was probably a pretty randomly morbid way of stating it.  But, it’s real.  The more you give, the more people tend to like you.  It’s the special people that can continue to give and not really notice this.  Or maybe they do notice and want more of it.  Whatever the reason, there is something special about giving.

Now, we’re told about giving and not expecting something in return.  The truth is that you ALWAYS get something in return.  Maybe not then, but at some point.  Even if all won’t admit it, givers know this fact.  And some do give BECAUSE of this.  Is there something wrong with this?  I don’t think so.  We’re humans.  We all need something at some point.  Maybe not something physical or tangible.  But we need something.  So, giving unselfishly ensures that we will be able to GET at some point.  Funny how that works.Is this to get people to like you?  Maybe not, but it sure doesn’t hurt your chances.

I don’t know if you’ll like me any more or not, but I wanted to announce a giveaway.  Yes, I’m segue-ing.  One of my partners and I got a lot of friends together and we decided to giveaway a BOATLOAD of stuff.  There is over $2000 in giveaway value and then an opportunity for another $10000 in giveaway prizes.  We’re calling it the Business Toolbox Giveaway.  If you have a business, are thinking about a business or know someone that is, this is an awesome opportunity to get some materials and gifts that will help upgrade what you are doing.

Here’s how to access the giveaway.  Click this link:


Then once you have downloaded your share of gifts, hop on over to the Facebook Group to get access to additional prizes.  We launch this today and will have it available for 30 days.  I’m blown away at the kindness of the people in this giveaway.

Go grab as many gifts as possible.  Here’s to your success!! How do you like me NOW??

Leave your comments below!!

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