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**Note – I normally post quite a bit on success, personal development and business tools.  However, I wanted to share some information on a book that an online colleague has written.  I believe the book and the information it shares are a definite read.  Read here, comment and then take a look at Dan’s info**


Maybe you’re scared of it.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  A lot of people are.  That’s why not everyone does it.  Yes, leadership!  That thing that some people do where you get credit for doing great stuff that other people did.  Some people hate when you get that credit because they feel that they deserved it.  Here’s the flip side.  You also get credit for not so good stuff that other people did.  Many people forget that part.  Yes, for all of the glamour that leadership seemingly provides, there is definitely another perspective.   But, here is an additional view.  Leadership isn’t always about leading others.  Sometimes it’s simply about making a decision FOR  you and ABOUT you!

Have you ever taken an airplane ride?  The host and hostess give you instructions at the beginning of the trip and tell you that in case of emergency, put on your oxygen mask first.  Yes, YOU do YOURS first.  Yes, you’ve got to take care of YOU.  You’ve got to CHOOSE you!  Many people say that leadership is about service and it really is.  But, if the leader is in no shape to serve, then how well are they going to do that?  You’ve got to take care of you first.

And that’s ultimate the way to success….taking the leadership….making the decision and commitment to take care of YOU.  There are all sorts of leaders.  There are company leaders, people leaders, idea and thought leaders, family leaders, small group leaders.  But, your critical leadership is of YOU!

A friend of mine, Dan Black, has just released a book on Amazon called “The Leadership Mandate“.  Awesome book.  It talks about 10 elements for developing the leader within YOU.  I took note of the section where it talked about developing and living your PERSONAL vision….not everyone else’s, YOURS!  Leadership doesn’t begin from outside of YOU.  Success doesn’t begin from outside of YOU.  It starts inside.

How are you going to CHOOSE to lead today?  Tell us about your thoughts and your intended steps in the comments.


P.S. – Go sign up at Dan’s site.  He’s giving away some AWESOME bonuses when you purchase his book.


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