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Assumptions are homicidal!  They can steer you wrong and cause you to get in a heap of trouble!  I won’t even repeat the statement that begins “when you you assume, you make an…”  Living, trying to run a business, writing, speaking or anything that you do, if based on only assumption, is setting you up for a pretty hard lesson somewhere down the road.  Data is king and key.  Asking the right questions is critical to any success and I wanted to find out what would allow my readers to be more successful.

Here's What My Readers Told Me

I undertook the task of polling my readers to find out more about them and while some of the results were not surprising, there were definitely some things that made me pay attention.

**While I am not actively soliciting the information, I am still interested in your thoughts so if you would still like to take the Reader Survey, please CLICK HERE.**

Here’s what I found out.  My readers are:

  • 70% Female
  • 42% aged 46-55
  • 38% have completed a Masters degree
  • 52% business owners/entrepeneurs
  • 87% US residents
  • 58% readers (at least 1 book monthly)

Surprises And Non-Surprises

I wasn’t surprised by the fact that there are more females engaging in my community.  That is the same in my membership community as well.  However, I was not aware of the number that were entrepreneurs and had completed a graduate degree.


In the financial section of my survey, I discovered a couple of spikes.  There was a significant number, 25% that made under $25k per year but also the same percentage (25%) made between $100k and $150k.  Then There were a few above and below that.



Social Media Engagement

The social media piece of this was interesting for me.  Some time last year, I made the decision to invest a bit more time on LinkedIn since many of the business owners and corporate execs that I wanted to help were there.  After a bit of time, I began to feel like that is where MOST of my audience was.  And while my audience from LinkedIn has grown, I was surprised to find that most are still on Facebook and almost none on platforms like Google+.


I’m still trying to work out if this is by my own personal intention or if my audience just happens to REALLY love Facebook.  By the way, I’m intentionally spending some more time on Twitter these days as I seek to learn even more about the Twitter platform.  Follow Me 🙂


Topics You Love

The final area that I looked at was what you really wanted to read more about.  According to your results, you prefer personal development and goal setting topics.  I love those as well.  I have been writing a ton on leadership since September of last year, both here and on LinkedIn.  But, you seem to vibe with things that help empower you to simply BE BETTER!


Point taken!  I’ve got a lot of things on the brain and a lot of things coming up.  I will be creating some posts and products based on some of the things you have shared.  You’ve told me that you care about and want to hear more about:

  • building self confidence
  • concrete ways to get more money into your business
  • how to know if it’s time to take the next step in your life and in your business
  • systems for running your business more easily and gaining time freedom

While some of this information is not surprising, it does require a bit of adjusting.  THANK YOU!  This is just what I needed to move forward.

Did I get it right?  What else would you like to share that wasn’t in the survey?




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