Here’s How To Find Real Money

By Robert Kennedy III

OK OK OK! I admit it.  I tricked you.  There’s no money to find here.  Well…not exactly.  I’m actually thinking about value and money has value.  We often think of money as a measuring stick and act as if it determines our place in society.  The truth is that money DOES determine some of the material things that you can possess based on the way that our society is set up.  It does determine where we live more often than not.  It does determine what we drive.  It does determine what we wear to a certain degree.  And in a lot of cases, it determines what might be important to us.  But, that is simply because of the value that we assign to it.

This idea of value struck me this morning because I was reading a post by a friend of mine about finding great value in the midst of poverty.    I thought about the ways in which we allow our world to determine not only our status but our thought process.  I thought about how we allow others and externals to assign our value.  I began to ask the question, “What if…?”

What if we decided that we were no longer going to operate by that paradigm?

What if we decided that we were no longer going to live in a way that shifted finances in only one direction?

What if we decided that we were going to ask for what we wanted?

What if we decided that we were going to treat others so well that they saw themselves as valuable and in turn saw yours?

What if we all decided that we didn’t want to buy into society’s caste system and acted like we OWNED the world?

What if we chose to not just think about hope but create it everyday?

What if we chose to expect and embrace the obstacles that are inevitable and simply treat them as a part of the rock that makes up the road?

What if we decided that WE were ready to accept the Divine value that we have been assigned?

What if….?

Just like we have chosen to assimilate, just like we have chosen to accept, just like we have chosen to live, we can CHOOSE our value everyday.

The REAL money is in ME!  I’ve got to see it and believe it.  The diamond is inside of a pressurized rock and you don’t see it until it breaks or is cut.  The REAL MONEY is inside me!  The real currency is my attitude and how I CHOOSE to live and serve daily.  The REAL VALUE is choosing to accept my greatness and my purpose!

How do you see yourself?  Let me know if this thought has resonated with you by leaving a comment.


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