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“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.”
Zig Ziglar


We’ve heard this before.  It’s no secret.  Zig Ziglar didn’t come up with an earth shattering secret that revolutionized human behavior.  He said something that should make sense to all of us.  So, why does it seem that so many people would rather have a bad attitude?  Why does it seem like so many people are not even remotely interested in doing better?  Why does it seem like so many people would rather spend the day getting mad about a reality TV relationship while they are struggling to take care of their own?

I don’t have the definite answer but part of it seems to be that having a good attitude requires making a conscious choice every day.  That requires work.  And most of us want to be on automatic.  Automatic is easy.  Automatic doesn’t require getting out of your comfort zone.  Automatic doesn’t require decision making.

But the flip side is that automatic doesn’t inspire (ask any car aficionado).  Automatic doesn’t allow for growth.  Automatic doesn’t allow you to do the work of showing up in a powerful way.  When I show up powerfully, I’m locked in.  I’m committed.  Stuff just gets DONE!!  When I show up powerfully, people get inspired.  When I show up powerfully, I can help people in amazing ways.  When I show up powerfully, growth is a given because I’m open to possibilities.  (Notice that I am specifically using the pronoun ‘I’ because I’m talking to me today.)  Success happens when you show up in a powerful way regularly. (Tweet This)

Although it might not be easy, here are some daily disciplines which help you to show up and power up:

1.  Don’t watch the news – If there are 20 stories on the news, only 1 of them has to do with something inspiring.  That’s 5%.  If what I’m taking in is 95% negative, then of course, my positive energy flow will be off.  Instead, take in something on personal growth.  Read an inspiring story.  Read a powerful biblical story.  Watch the story of Nick Vijucic on Youtube.

2. Spend time clearing your mind before jumping into your day – Some people jump up and click email immediately after the alarm goes off.  You are immediately jumping into everyone else’s problems and requests.  Take care of yourself and your own mindset before starting the day.  Determine who you are going to be that day.  Determine how you want to show up.  Determine the things and the people that you will serve.  Determine what’s the most important thing for you that day.  Take some deep breaths and envision how you will WIN that day.

3. Exercise – Yes, you know this one also.  But most of us don’t do this because we feel as if we don’t have enough time.  We see some exercise programs that take 90 minutes daily and get nervous.  Well, I’m no exercise guru, but the trick is just to START.  Whether it is 4 minutes or 40 minutes, just START.  Getting your metabolism going, your heart rate up, clears out toxins and does WONDERS for helping you to see more possibilities in your day.  Speaking of 4 minutes, go here to see a neat offer from Craig Ballantyne.  He has some neat 4 minute workouts on Youtube as well that definitely get your heart rate up.

4. Set clear goals – Is your day just going to HAPPEN or do you have a clear plan for what you will accomplish that day?  Showing up powerfully means being confident in what you are creating on that day or at that moment.  You may have heard Jim Rohn’s saying that you need to design your own life plan or someone else will design it for you.  If YOU don’t have a plan, the truth is that you simply fall into someone else’s, whether it be a spouse, a child or even some TV exec that you may never meet.  Create your plan EVERY DAY.  I’ve learned to set aside some time at the beginning of the week to create the week and then daily, morning and evening going over that day’s plan and then creating for the next day.

5. Help someone – Determine that you will serve or help someone else EVERY day outside of yourself.  You show up powerfully when you begin to think about contribution instead of collection. (Tweet This)


What are your tips for showing up POWERFULLY everyday?  Leave Your Comments.


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