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This may not be the biggest news of the day, but I learned some things by tuning into Barack Obama’s speech today.  I learned not necessarily because I was trying to learn.  But, I looked back on the day and realized that there were some simple things that I learned simply by watching and listening to some of the broadcasts.

1.  Barack’s oldest daughter’s actual name is Natasha.  However, they refer to her as Sasha.

2.  Barack Obama can speak spanish fluently.

3. The outdoor inauguration ceremonies were held at the eastern front of the Capitol Building by tradition.  However, Ronald Reagan requested the ceremony be held on the western front and they have been held there ever since.

4. George Washington gave the shortest ever inaugural address at 135 words.

5. Ronald Reagan didn’t walk down Pennsylvania Avenue in after his second election because it was just too cold. (I didn’t remember this one although I was definitely alive for it)


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