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You’ve probably experienced the same thing that most of us have.  You’ve self-sabotaged and just started your day off on the wrong foot.  You got up on the wrong side of the bed and the day just went downhill from there.  I’ve seen several friends on Facebook over the past week make posts that said things like, “OMG, I wish this day would just END!”


“I’m so mad at today right now”


“Can I get a re-deal on today’s card deck?, It’s just downhill right now.”

Most people just allow their day to drive them and it ends up driving them to a place they didn’t intend.  Then they end up posting their frustrations on social media or letting it out some other way.  Now, someone reading this is already thinking that I am “dissing” frustration or people that get frustrated.   Truth is, we all get frustrated from time to time.  But if you find yourself getting there more frequently than not, then there is something that may need to be adjusted in your day.  The way that you spend the first 15 or 30 minutes of your day can determine a lot about how you SEE or FUNCTION for the rest of the day.

Kevin Purdy gave some ideas on Fast Company’s website a couple of years ago about how successful people spend the early part of their day.  He spoke about the period at the beginning of the day that students had to think about their schedules, connect with their friends and set up their day….yes, HOME ROOM!  Well, in order to set up our day for success, we need an adult homeroom.

So, here are my suggestions for creating a winning day:

1.  Mentally start your day the night before.
I think of this as the beginning of the power cycle. You are in mind clearing mode. Just get out a sheet of paper or open a blank file and begin to write everything that you can think of that you may need to do. Write down all of the ideas you have or had. Put everything down. Don’t worry about organizing or prioritizing. Simply get everything out of your head. Then?? Go to sleep. This is the unconscious warm up phase.

2. Breathe when you wake up
OK. That seems obvious, right? Breathing? Well, I’m not really talking about the physical act of breathing. I’m talking about mental breaths. Take some time to prepare yourself for the day. No plans yet, just preparing. This may be meditation. It may be a quick reading. It may be prayer. Whatever you do to center yourself and begin getting your mental balance. I like to think about all the things that I am grateful for. I should be able to come up with at least 10.

3. Prepare your body
Exercise. I don’t like going to the gym personally. I prefer to do competitive things. But, I realize that exercise is also a great way to wake up the body, get the blood flowing and leads me to a more creative space. So, it’s important to do 15 minutes of some physical activity. This might be walking. It might be jumping jacks and sit ups. Whatever your preference, do some activity in the morning.

4. Organize
Some people jump out of bed and get online immediately. They check email. They jump on their social media accounts. They start to swim away. They turn on the TV. This takes you away from the plan. Don’t get involved with the world just yet. Design your day first. Create your day and even give it a mental run through. Many people end up dissatisfied with their day because it was planned FOR them. You have the ability to create your day. Will their be unexpected twists? Sure. But, remember that list that you created? Now is the time where you can begin to prioritize it. Pick 2 or 3 TOP things that you MUST complete today from that list and then create space in your calendar for them. Then protect that space fiercely. Act as if the fate of the world depends on your completion of those things. Get them DONE!

5. Start with a win
Some people like to warm up to their day. That’s not a bad technique. But, your higher energy time thrives on accomplishments. What big thing can you complete this morning? What calls can you make that will convert a prospect to a client RIGHT NOW? What project can you complete quickly that will send those endorphins moving through your body? Get a BIG WIN as early as you can in your day and then look for more.

Stay in action the rest of the day and give it your best. Then, begin your NEXT day just before you go to sleep. Follow your success routine regularly and watch yourself create some winning momentum.

What “routines” do you follow for success? Share with me in the comments.


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