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By the time this post goes up, it won’t be Mother’s Day anymore.  But, the honest truth is that every day should be Mother’s Day!  Mothers do some things that blow your mind and they should be celebrated every day even if only for the process of birthing.

Before I go further, I should be clear that my title does not in any way indicate that people without mothers are unable to be successful.  Our world has all sorts of different circumstances and success is ultimately predicated upon circumstances and internal commitment.  But, I do want to highlight some things that moms do that form the foundation of success for those of us that have been blessed to have them around.


1.  Moms give life.
There are literal and figurative meanings here. There is the birth experience which is an AMAZING thing. My wife will tell you that when she was giving birth to our first, I was supposed to be supporting her, holding her hand and soothing her throughout the entire process. But the main word that she heard from me was, “WHOAAAA!” Yes, it was THAT eye opening for me. Now, the figurative. Mom’s give that extra pep! They have a way of knowing just what to say and sometimes that is without words!

2. Moms believe in restoration.
I like that word because it means that when I screw up, I can still come back. It means that I have another chance. And boy did my mom give me many chances. I love my Dad. He taught me to take chances, take risks, and how to go at life. But, my mom was who I went to when I messed up. I knew that there was a special compassion.

3. Moms give you confidence.
Every day when my wife comes home, she greets the boys with a big “Hi, handsome!” and my daughter with a “Hi, beautiful!” Right now they are just words! But, they are building blocks for esteem, the first layers of self image, the beginnings of self-worth. Moms don’t always provide that with words. But, when that is missing, you know it!

4. Moms work hard
Even on Mother’s Day, my mom still wanted to put food out on the table and take care of us! She still wanted to make sure that we were fed and ok. We had to tell her to sit and relax. Maybe that was because she was just so used to taking care of us. Maybe that was because she didn’t want to feel useless. Maybe it was because she didn’t feel we could do as great a job as she did. Whatever the reason, there is still a go-get-it, don’t-still-till-you’re-done work ethic that moms bring.

Now, I realize that these are generalizations in some ways, but the entire point of the day and the entire reason for writing this is to note that moms are to be celebrated. Are there some bad ones? Sure. Are there some AWESOME ones? Most definitely! At the very minimum, you’re reading this because a mom made you. At the very minimum, no matter how much science we have, all the humans that I know personally came from a mom. Even if we have nothing else to mention, moms bring the world to life. Isn’t that awesome by itself?

So, here’s to you Mom!! I love you!

What do YOU want to thank your Mom for? Leave your comments below.


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