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Isn’t that a phrase that you have heard over and over again? ‘Your Best Life Now?’

‘Your Best Year Ever?’

If you want to be negative, you can jump on the band wagon of people who are tired of all of the positive-thinking, self-help, personal-growth, whooseywhatsis gurus!!  And there are a lot of them!  But, there are a lot of them for a reason.  The bottom line is that we don’t live in a perfect world and most people are just looking to survive.  Once you survive, you are looking to do just a bit better than that.  You are looking for hope, you are looking for something better.  Some people get to the point where they might fool themselves into saying, “Awww, I just want to be comfortable.”  But, if you offered them something ‘better’, they would take it in a heartbeat.

The truth is that somewhere inside of us is something that looks for something better.  The only thing that is stopping us from moving forward is us.  But, we can create an attitude of UNSTOPPABLE if we truly desire to “live our best life.” (Tweet this)

Before I get to the 3 Ways, I wanted to share a story of UNSTOPPABLE that inspired me.  Check out the story of Richie Parker.


So, how do you live your best life?

1.  Plan to live it
I made a decision the other day to remove the word ‘retirement’ from my vocabulary in the traditional way. This is not to disparage anyone that looks forward to retirement. I have just decided to remove it simply because my plan is to live it now. I won’t spend recklessly. But, I will plan my life so that I can enjoy it at it’s fullest. I will create a PLAN to travel to places that I have not been to. I will create a PLAN to contribute to the world in exciting ways, NOW! I will create a plan to relax, NOW! I will create a PLAN to volunteer and serve others NOW! I will create a PLAN to enjoy my kids and eventually my grandkids. But, the reality for me is that as long as I can speak and have something to say, I will be a speaker. As long as I have a machine of some sort that can put words in a readable format, I will be an author. As long as there are people that need help seeing their impossible, I will coach. I am not planning to WAIT for a great life. I am living it today!

2. Have FAITH
The word faith often stirs up thoughts of religion. And there is nothing wrong with that. I’m referring to the religious as well as the simple. Once you CREATE your plan and your goal, see nothing else. Have faith that this plan already exists and it is just up to you to get to it. The car is already at the dealership. You just need to find your way there. I’m a christian, so I will add that FAITH in God helps me to live my best life. I know that whatever happens, I believe in a God that loves me and will provide for me. In my mind, that doesn’t mean that I simply sit and wait for things to fall in my lap. It means that I have been empowered to CREATE but the opportunities will be provided for me to do so. Some refer to this as law of attraction.

3. Act TNT
For explosive living, and awesome results, I need to act TNT. Yep, Today Not Tomorrow. There is value in waiting patiently sometimes. But, most often I find that there is more power in being decisive and determining your course as soon as possible. Getting in action then solidifies that. The delay for most people comes because they have allowed FEAR OF CONSEQUENCES to have space in their brain. There are always results and consequences. But, once you have envisioned the possibilities, its easy for you to determine what you want to deal with. Even more important than that is the goal. So, what do you want to deal with on the way to what you are COMMITTED to? If you are committed to something GREAT, then act TNT!!

How do you live your best life? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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