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I wanted to share three tips for dealing with public speaking fear, nervousness, and anxiety. I was looking online, and I saw a question that asked what causes public speaking anxiety? What causes people to be so fearful about public speaking? I remember the very first time that I was on stage; my mouth went dry. I could feel my tongue. I could feel every bump on my tongue. And I looked out into the audience, and I saw a thousand eyes. A thousand eyes focused on me. That was my first public speaking experience. 

It was a crazy, nerve-wracking experience. And the reason why it was nervous and nerve-wracking for me was the same reason that a lot of people don’t want to speak. The number one reason people are anxious about public speaking is that they think everybody is there to judge them and critique them. They believe that everybody is sitting in the audience with a great book and a notepad ready to write down everything that is going wrong. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The reason that persons are there is to gain value. So if you think that they’re there to judge you and critique you, and that is playing in your head, then that’s going to be how you come across. So I want to share with you three things that you can use to get yourself out of that mindset. 


Recognize that your audience is there just to gain value from your speech. Whether it be a motivational, informative, or educational speech, they have come to learn from you. Persons are there because they are looking to hear something from you that they can then apply to themselves to make their world better. After all, they ultimately want to be more prosperous. They want to be happier. They want to have better relationships. They want to feel better about themselves. So everyone just comes open expecting to get some help from you.


You also have to recognize that they have fears, too. If persons didn’t fear it, they would be right up on the stage with you and beside you if they weren’t scared about it. If there are a thousand people in the audience, 98 percent won’t get up or be fearful. They’ll be scared out of their wits to get up and speak on stage. So recognize that they have fears, too. 


Make your audience your focus point. Don’t worry so much about your fears. Focus on what is it that you can share with them because this is a conversation. What can you give to them so that they will be able to achieve what they came for? Again, they want to be happy. They want to be more wealthy. They want to have better relationships. They want to be better people. How can you help them with that? Focus on them.

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