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Success may be a subjective term for some people.  Weekly, I have the show (and soon podcast) called ‘What Success Looks Like‘.  The idea there is that success is not just about money or fame, but how you set and achieve your goals.  We talk a lot about how to pattern yourself after inspiring people, how to reach out and grab your impossible even when you don’t feel like it and how to set yourself up for success.  One of the things that I like to refer to in this process also is the sharing aspect.  Do I mean that you have to give everything away once you get some money?  Nope!  I’m talking about sharing your way TO success!

day20letemknowHow does THAT work?  Well, in our 28 Days groups and Facebook community, we talk about serving others in your commitments.  One of the ways to serve others is simply to let them know what you are doing.  The idea is that some magic happens once you put your commitment out into the atmosphere.  Here are some reasons for that:

1. People become inspired by what you are up to.
Have you ever had seen someone who is just ALWAYS up to something? They post what they are doing on Facebook and you just always hear about what they are doing? Sometimes you wish they would stop sharing so much but inside you really are feeling like you want to do what they are doing, right? Well, whether you like this phenomenon or not, the reality is that when people share what they are up to, SOMEBODY gets inspired by it. It may not be you THAT day, but it is a message to someone.

2. People help keep you accountable.
OK. Now you have put it out there. People KNOW about it. Now, you’ve gotta do it! In the process of writing my book, I got to a point where I was supposed to be writing and finishing this thing up. I was supposed to be writing everyday but I wasn’t. So, what I did was create a post that said, ‘hey everyone, I’ll be done in two weeks…be on the lookout!” Know what happened? People began asking me, “Hey bro, are you done? You said you would be done in two weeks.” Now, if that isn’t an accountability question, I’m not sure what is.

3. Your own words inspire and motivate you.
Sometimes all it takes is hearing the words come out of your own mouth or seeing it written on your paper or computer screen. It’s good to think about things but there is something special that happens when it comes out of your head. The next thing is putting it to action. Once its out of your head, your decision needs to be made….Should I be true to my own word or should I be a flake? Should I do what I said or should I provide an excuse?

Here’s my challenge for today.  Think about something that you want to do but have not done yet.  Then, tell someone else what that ‘something’ is and ask them to keep you accountable to it.  Give them a time frame that you will accomplish that ‘something’ in.


What are you committed to today?  Leave your answer and your time frame in the comments.



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  • charlidholbrook says:

    So glad I ran across your blog/website. Very useful information and this article stood out the most. I’m always looking for ways to pass on success tips. Thanks for sharing. Keep writing! xo

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