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10 Things I Learned On My Vegan Journey

I’m not a big meat eater.  And by that, I mean, I choose not to eat it the majority of the time.  But, I might do it if it was a holiday or if I was out and that was the best thing available to me.  In fact, I mainly grew up on a vegetarian diet.  However, I didn’t ever really think that I could be vegan because that would mean that I would have to give up lasagna, mac and cheese, and pretty much everything I love at Olive Garden.

Why the interest in going vegan in the first place?  I’ll give you a bit of the backdrop here.  One of the things that I love doing is taking on a challenge at least 8 times per year.  I do that because I believe it keeps me focused on taking on fear and overcoming perceived obstacles in my life.  It keeps me from easily slipping into an easy comfort zone.

I have also been told that changing to a vegan diet gives you more energy and I definitely wanted to try it out.  Who doesn’t want more energy, right?

As with everything journey, there were some things that I learned.

Check them out here in this video:

Taking on a vegan journey is very much like many challenges in life.  You have to make some changes that might be a surprise but ultimately, it is not as daunting as you might think.  We all go through changes and I’m a big believer in practice.  The more you practice making decisions, the better you become at them.  The more you practice taking on challenges, the better you become at them.

[bctt tweet=”The more you practice making decisions, the better you become at them.”]

I’m going to take on the 100 mile challenge soon.  That is, I’m going to run 100 miles in 28 days.

What challenge will you take on to shake things up a bit?


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