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Some people absolutely HATE looking at the past.  And there are others that seem to LIVE there.  One of my majors in college was History and so I have developed an appreciation for looking back.  One of the great things about looking back is that you can see with the glasses of experience and figure out some of the things that went wrong.

On the way home last night, I asked my wife the question, “Have you ever replayed a conversation from years ago in your mind and then said realized that what you said was ABSOLUTELY DUMB?”

She laughed and told me about a couple of her conversations.  I shared some of mine also and we had a good laugh.  That type of reflection is important in your personal growth.  It’s important to not take yourself so seriously that you can’t ever laugh at yourself.  It’s important to look back for a moment so that you can see where you have grown.

So, here are 10 things I learned in 2013:

1.  Things might change but if I didn’t have my own plan, then I would just blow with the wind

2. Create GALAXY sized dreams and then just begin to act like you are UNSTOPPABLE.

3. Success rarely happens inside your comfort zone.

4. Create higher accountability by sharing your dreams and your actions

5. It’s ok to change your mind and it’s ok to mess up.

6. Stop getting caught up in the technical weeds.  Just create and IMPLEMENT.  You can fix it on the way.

7. When you enter a conversation with the need to SELL something, that becomes apparent and causes a breakdown

8. My goals are my goals and nobody else’s.  So, I don’t need to be concerned with their criticisms or thoughts about my goals.

9. Small, consistent action over time often yields more results than big, sweeping, unrealistic action

10. Stop trying to do it by myself.  If I could it by myself, then I would have gotten further a LONG time ago.


What did YOU learn last year? Does anything in my list pluck a string for you? Tell me what’s on your list in the comments below!

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  • Tanya Smith says:

    Enjoyed this list Robert. Thank you for being transparent and sharing your hard-earned wisdom! I can soooo relate, especially to #10. Delegating and outsourcing more in the coming year will free up more time for creative flow. Have an awesome 2014 bro.

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