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Every successful business presents their ideas regularly. Whether it’s a client presentation, an internal speech, or a product reveal, your success depends on good presentation skills.   Jerry Seinfeld is attributed with saying, “At a funeral, most people would rather be in the coffin than giving the eulogy.”

Fear of public speaking is real.  It can sabotage presentations with the most amazing content.

This course uses proven techniques to help participants present with more confidence, clarity and credibility. They will learn how to recognize and utilize their already existing superpowers to present powerful, authentic messages which connect with their intended audience.  They will learn simple, effective methods of structuring the presentations for maximum impact.

This is NOT a ‘talk-at-you-all-day’ course.  Participants will receive live, supportive feedback and video recording guidance.  This gives them greater confidence and prepares them to present their ideas effectively in any situation.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the session participants will:

  • Know what to do with pre-presentation nervousness

  • Know how to maximize their body language and non-verbals for greater impact

  • Be able to craft simple slides and visual media to effectively transfer their message

  • Understand the two most critical elements for causing the audience to lean-in to their message

  • Know how to bring their presentation to life with examples to get their message across

  • Be able to utilize simple frameworks to help them present effectively even in impromptu situations



Innovation is a keyword for many organizations today.  Employees and teams are tasked with presenting innovative ideas.  Yet, many organizations don’t teach HOW to present those ideas.  So, even though many amazing ideas may exist, if they aren’t presented properly, they don’t have the intended impact.  

Just imagine how great ideas get left on the ground because they weren’t presented effectively.

Robert’s session was engaging, fun, and informative. Our team had a wide range of public speaking experience, from virtually none to keynotes at large conferences & EVERYONE came away more aware of their own strengths and how to improve as a public speaker.

Jon Weinstein – President, Line of Sight

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Working with Robert to improve my speaking skills was the best decision I made. I learned so much about how to connect with my audience, body language, and how to effectively give a speech and tell my story. I recently spoke on a panel at a conference and received wonderful feedback from the audience members on how my story was powerful and really helped them on their journey.

Ingrid Henley – Private Coaching Client

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