When I originally decided to do The RK3 Show, it was because I wanted to share stories of how to grow in the speaking industry.  But, as I began the process, I realized it was more about teaching people HOW to share THEIR stories.

The podcast airs weekly (new episodes every Tuesday) and you can download episodes on-demand.  You’ll enjoy this podcast not only because it’s valuable.  But, also because quite frankly, I enjoy doing it.

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Podcast Questions

On every episode, I share a resource that I’d love for you to try.  We also have great guests that graciously agree to spend some time with me.  But, I want YOU to get involved also.

What questions do you have?  I’d love to ask my guests some of your questions but also hear what questions you might have from episodes that you have listened to previously.  Use the form below to ask your questions.

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