Finding the right speaker for your event can be a tremendous challenge.  If your speaker flops, brings low energy or is just not prepared, then that can create a big DENT in your event.

Well, first, I would like to thank you for stopping by this page.  I’m thrilled that you would think enough of me to click the link.  Secondly, I’d like to let you know that I am committed to giving you more than 100% in order to make your event successful.  I will not only engage, but I will motivate, inspire, bring thoughtful questions to mind and help you achieve your goals for the event.  The bottom line here is that I will give everything to make you look good, because that also makes me look good.



As an author, speaker, leader, entrepreneur, trainer and consultant, I have gained experiences that allow me to speak on two main areas, communication & leadership:

The Power of Your Story

Are you at a place where you are a bit lost, unsure of your next step and nervous about falling down? Your story provides the clues you need to operate fully and show up in the most AMAZING way every day. This talks helps people to step into their story unapologetically, using it as a catalyst for creating the IMPACT they desire

Creating Powerful Experiences Through Communication & Connection

Too often, leaders simply tell what to do. There are bosses and then there are leaders. Successful leaders not only engage their teams effectively but are able to craft POWERFUL experiences through a heightened connection with those they lead. Connection doesn’t mean MORE communication. It means a deeper engagement. This talk shares how to create that connection resulting in greater influence and impact!

Speaking For Influence

As leaders, the words you say matter. They impact the way people feel, the thoughts they have and, most often, the actions they take. How do you speak so that your team or your customers hear you effectively and take the ACTION needed to move forward? You need to be able to speak with INFLUENCE! This talk shares the nuts and bolts of the physical, emotional and energy tools you need in order to influence others through your words

    Have Said

    We Made The Best Choice! Robert’s natural ability to bring joy and excitement into a room is like no other. He was authentic, informative and fun. We received glowing reviews from attendees about his performance. Best choices we made was choosing Robert for our event.

    Kaitlin O'ConnorDirector of Career Services. University of Maryland

    A Master Facilitator! Robert is a natural talent in facilitation and leading people. He raises the bar as he so masterfully demonstrates the art of facilitation. The seamless transitions, clear instructions, and deeper dives into his experience and knowledge all serve to validate his credibility as a subject matter expert. With a powerfully intuitive sense for what is needed in the moment to meet the needs of his audience you feel his vibrant energy in the room and you know you’re in for an amazing experience

    Joylin ConklinDirector of Operations, Suasion

    I've had the pleasure of selecting speakers for quite some time and Robert's presentation is one that my audience has asked about on numerous occasions. Energetic, Enthusiastic, Memorable are just a few words to describe Robert's presentations.

    Kelly LeonardPresident, Taylor Leonard Corporation

    For your event, you should expect:

    • A prompt and personal response from me or a member of my team to work out the details
    • An enthusiastic conversation about your audience and how I can best support you in your event
    • Energy, interactivity and non-boring-ness for your audience
    • A professional and appropriately dressed speaker
    • Professional media and resources to support the message for your audience
    • Someone who is passionate about anything that he speaks on
    • To hear from me after the event to get your feedback

    OK.  Some of those were jokes.  But, I simply want to assure you that I have the success of your event at heart and I will do everything in my power to make sure that I give you the best that I have to offer AND MORE!