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My business functions because I have help…

Anyone who claims to be a self-made success is…well…you should run far away from them.  Every successful person I have ever met has help.  That help may be people and sometimes (many times) it comes through tools, used effectively, to make their businesses more productive.  Here are some of the tools I’ve used and currently use to run my business.

Web Hosting/Domains

Bluehost – I’ve used Bluehost for all of my websites since 2008.  They have been reliable and the support is amazing.


Hubspot – I’ve tried using many other CRM’s and business organizational tools.  I’ve come back to Hubspot several times because of the ease of use and all they have available for marketing, sales and keeping my biz on track.

Convertkit – Your business needs an easy way to stay in touch with you customers. You need a mailing list. I can do that through my CRM, but I have a B2B arm and a B2C arm of my business and Convertkit helps me keep in touch, make online sales and communicate with my prospect like a…well, like a human being.

ThriveThemes – I’ve tried a lot of landing page tools.  My CRM does landing pages and my mailing list tool makes landing pages also.  But Thrive does so much more.  I can create websites, web pages, quizzes, and quite a bit more with Thrive.  I love this tool.

 – From meetings with my team to webinars and coaching calls, I need a video option that just works and is simple to use.   is amazing.  With my account, I get cloud recording, free transcription, and a ton of other options.   is one of my must-haves in my business.

Teachable – I learned quite a few years ago that online courses were a piece I needed in my business.  I found this company called Fedora that had a great platform for starting online course creators.  They’ve since changed their name to Teachable.  And the platform is still great with a great community.

Kajabi – OK.  This is another online course platform.  Why am I sharing two?  Well, as business grows, you need a few more things.  Kajabi is an online course platform that allows me to connect some of the tools I’m already using and also provides a membership community component. Since Kajabi is a more expensive option, I don’t recommend Kajabi for beginning course creators unless you are ALL IN and ready to go full force behind your course.  

To get your feet wet, you might want to try Kajabi’s 28 Day Course Building Challenge.

Business Operations

PandaDoc – In my line of business, proposals and agreements are a must.  It can be a hassle to create them and then track all of it via email.  PandaDoc helps me create amazing proposals easily then know when my prospect has viewed it and even get paid though it

GSuite – I’ve used Google as my business backend for years.  From email to documents and cloud storage, GSuite has been the backbone of my business.  If you choose GSuite as your back-end, using the promo codes I share here will save you 20%.

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Content Tools & Resources

Email Signature Generator – A neat tool, also provided by Hubspot, to help you create an email signature.  Your email signature is another important marketing opportunity.

Blog Topic Generator – Can’t think about what to write for your blog?  Here is a quick way to generate some ideas.

Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets – There are many marketing experts out there.  Russell is just one of the first I happening to come across who made me hip to the idea of partner branding.

Personal Development Resources

Best Self Products – One of the best investments I made when I began my intentional growth journey was to invest in a planner for goal planning and evaluation.  I really like Best Self products and have been ordering their wall calendar for the past 3 years.

The 12 Week Year – This book by Brian L. Moran help me rethink how I looked at goal setting and planning.  

Secrets of The Millionaire Mind – My Dad gave me this book and it revolutionized my thinking around wealth, possibility and personal growth.

Disclaimer: I’ve used most of the resources in this section and may receive a referral fee for some of the products, should you decide to purchase them.  I won’t always use every product I recommend long-term, but they are products I have found valuable at some point in building business.

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