Leaders must Learn if they plan on being able to consistently achieve goals and influence others.  People may follow initially but sustainable leadership happens when a leader practices what they preach.

Get Inspired

RK3 – Daily Power Ups

RK3Daily Power UpsDescription: I know that I need a get up and go in the morning.  For some people, it’s a cup of coffee.  But, this is your personal cup of mindset mojo every day.  Get 365 days of free mentoring, coaching and empowering to help you see life in the best way and move forward to your best you.  Let’s connect every day.  I promise to you inspire you while you inspire me.

Format: Daily email by 6AM

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Take This eCourse

Goal Setting Gold – A 7 Day email course

gsg-buttonDescription: One of the things that most of “us” struggle with is setting goals.  Sure, we may think of something we want to accomplish.  We might even begin trying it.  But, this course will show you techniques and ideas to change the typical way that you approach goal setting.  Your goals are too important to let them FIZZLE away.

Format: eMail course

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Listen To Other Leaders

3P Success Sessions Podcast


Description: We talk with business owners, business leaders and busy executives about how to achieve personal success while leading and empowering others to achieve great results.  We talk with personal development gurus, thought leaders and people that have great stories in order to share the perspective that personal power and great leadership isn’t just meant for a few.

Format: Audio podcast

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